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This booth space will be located along the fenceline near Wolcott Rd. (unless otherwise arranged). It will accomodate up to a 12x12 pop up tent. If reserving multiple spaces, please adjust quantity accordingly.



Simsbury Fly-In Craft Booth Space

  • First off, let me welcome you to this year's Simsbury Fly-In, Car Show and Food Truck Festival (Sept. 22, Rain Date: Sept. 29). We hope you find that this amazing event helps propel your business or organization to even greater success!


    Beyond 120 days from the Fly-In: A full refund will be issued within 90 days. 

    Between 120 and 60 days from the Fly-In: A refund will only be issued if the space you have booked can be resold before the event. 

    Less than 60 days from the Fly-In: No Refunds


    If the Sunday looks to be rainy, exceptionally windy or have low overcast skies (where aircraft cannot fly in) then the event will be postponed to the following weekend (30th). We will be monitoring the forecast closely and will make a go / no go call by Friday morning before the event at the very latest. Email will be the primary method of communication. 

    Booth/Exhibit Set Up (DAYS BEFORE THE FLY IN)
    Vendors/exhibitors are free to set up their booths anytime from Thursday, September 19th onward. If you plan on setting up on Thursday or Friday, please contact Brad Griswold at / 860-459-1575 at least 2 hours ahead of time so we can be sure someone is there to assist if necessary. Earlier setups are permitted with prior permission. Your booth space will be marked with a sign showing a large letter or number of your booth assignment as well as your business name. You are free to pull onto the field at any time prior to the Fly-In for setup

    Most booths will be marked out with caution tape and fiberglass rods (or other appropriate signage where applicable). Please ensure your booth footprint comfortably fits within the confines of the caution tape. Standard single booth spaces will accommodate a 12x12 pop up tent comfortably. They will not accommodate a 15x15 pop up tent. Aircraft parking spots accommodate an aircraft's wingspan + 6ft. Vehicle exhibitor spots offer ample space to display even the largest of vehicles. Except as specified below, all vehicles offloading MUST pull off the field prior to 7:40 AM. 



    Booth/Exhibit Set Up (DAY OF FLY IN)
    Vendors exhibitors other than aircraft who have permission to park near their booth or need to drop off supplies by pulling onto the airport grounds MUST arrive prior to 7:30 AM. All food vendors must be parked by 7:30 AM. All vendors are recommend to arrive before 7:30AM. Traffic flow changes at 7:30 AM -- if you run late and arrive AFTER 7:30 AM, please enter Wolcott Rd from Rt. 10 directly. You WILL NOT be able to access the fence line if you approach the airport from Floydville Rd. due to traffic changes! There are some special parking arrangements for certain booths as noted below. 


    As noted earlier, you may arrive early and drop off the cars. If you do so, please advise Brad Griswold at or 860-459-1575 ahead of time to coordinate. We provide a significant amount of space for your to spread out your vehicles to display however you wish. We do ask that IF you are dropping them off early that you leave the keys with the airport manager in the main office in case they need to be moved for incoming aircraft/emergencies. If you are bringing vehicles on the day of the event, you MUST arrive and be fully offloaded prior to 7:30AM to avoid conflicts with spectators and emergency vehicles!



    Please familiarize yourself with the arrival/departure procedures located at You are welcome to arrive on days prior to the Fly-In but please call the airport manager at 860-459-1575 prior to arrival to ensure someone is there to guide you into your spot. The airport will be NOTAMed closed from 7:00pm the day prior until 6:30am the day of the event for safety reasons. All arrivals should enter and leave the main aircraft parking area through the gate at the far north end of the runway. Weather advisories are available by calling the airport manager at 860-459-1575. Weather and webcams are also available by visiting the live internet weather station at the airport here:

    Pilots should make contact with Bradley Approach at least 20 NM out. Once on the ground, pilots should swap to ground frequency (123.400) and advise ground handlers that you are an exhibitor aircraft and what spot/exhibitor you are. You will receive a printout you should put in your windshield to allow the ground crew to more easily direct you to your spot.



    We strongly recommend you consider setting up at least the day prior if you are able. Like other vendors, you MUST arrive prior to 7:30 to avoid safety issues with pedestrians/spectators. All food vendors have parking available directly next to or behind their booth. Please ensure that you comply with all applicable permitting / local health regulations (Farmington Valley Health District).




    While you are welcome to set up early, Simsbury Airport, ARA (Airport Realty Associates), Simsbury Flying Club and its members are not responsible for any property lost/stolen/damaged. We make every effort to ensure the security of the property and everything on it (police will perform additional patrols and there will be an almost constant presence in the days leading up to the event)



    If you have ANY questions or concerns, please contact Brad Griswold at or 860-459-1575.

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