Simsbury Airport operates a bit differently than most airports when it comes to hangars. Instead of the airport authority building and renting out hangar space, we operate more like a condo complex. Since most hangars are constructed by their aircraft owners, the fees for hangars are MUCH lower than surrounding airports (see below).

There are three options if you'd like a hangar:

1) Buy an existing hangar from a current owner. These come up for sale on occasion and are quickly snatched up due to demand.

2) Build your own hangar. The Board of Directors is strongly in favor of those who wish to custom construct their own hangar and will work with them to find the ideal location and gain all the necessary approvals and permitting.

3) Rent a hangar from an existing owner. It's important to note that if you rent, you are still liable for any monthly hangar/aircraft fees in addition to rent you may be paying to the hangar owner. 



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