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As the airport is operated as a 501c(3) non-profit by the Simsbury Airport Association, those that wish to permanently base their aircraft at Simsbury Airport must be members. Full membership is included with monthly tie-down/hangar fees 

Tie Down: $133/mo

White Fabric Hangar: $228/mo

Metal Hangar: $212-259/mo

(Last Updated 10/01/2023)

These are prices for standard sized hangars. Extra large hangars or hangars specifically for renting space would be determined separately from above rates. 


You may also join the Simsbury Flying Club without having to own an aircraft at the rates below. Click Learn More to find out about basing your aircraft at Simsbury in a hangar!

Full Membership: $360/yr (non-aircraft)

Social Membership: $100/yr

Membership: Our Mission
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