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Products listed here are the responsibility of their respective owners. Simsbury Airport/Simsbury Flying Club makes no representations about the products/services offered for sale below. All questions/offers/comments should be directed to the respective person(s) as listed.


This is a 2007 Zenith 601 XLB light sport aircraft. It is currently based at Simsbury Airport (4B9), and has always been hangared. See below for a complete description.  For inquiries, please contact Bill Thomas at 860-693-4550, or

- Constructed by Karl Polifka, former CIA pilot in Vietnam/Laos. Purchased by Bill Thomas in 1916.

- All recent annual inspections by Pete Trabold

- All logbooks available plus all construction plans and drawings

- Total time on airframe - 840 hours

- New Jabiru 3300 (version 3) engine - 6 cyl - 120 hp - electronic ignition – 20 hours since installed by Pete Trabold

- New Sensenich fixed (cruise) pitch wood prop (2017)

- Cruise speed - 128-132 mph

- Rate of Climb - typically 1200 fpm with one person on board

- Fuel Consumption - typically 5 gph block to block

Avionics & Equipment

- New Grand Rapids Technologies Sport EX "glass cockpit"

 - Moving map, synthetic vision, synthetic approaches, weather, traffic, ADS-B "in". (For details see

- New Flightbox ADS-B "in" unit for data input to the Sport EX

- New uAvionix Skybeacon ADS-B "out" in left wingtip - meets 2020 rule

- New MGL Avionics ASX-1 backup digital airspeed and altimeter

- Grand Rapids digital Engine Information System - monitors all six               cylinders, plus fuel flow, timer, and more.

- Garmin GTX 320A Transponder with Mode C

- Icom AC-200A digital flip/flop communications transceiver

 - ELT

- PS Engineering PM500EX intercom, panel mounted

- Control Vision EXP- BUS electrical load center switches/circuit breakers

- Ray Allen Stick Grips with PTT, hat switch for trim, flap controls

- Ray Allen electric trim for pitch and roll

- Strobes on wingtips

- Clock

- Digital timer

- New factory-supplied upholstery installed 2017

- Asking price: $41,500

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